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The Archery Section has been at Mossley Hill Athletic Club since the late 1950s, and was originally founded as Liverpool Archery Club. Over the years it has produced many national, county and regional champions, in addition to record holders. We are a multi discipline group covering most bow types, styles and forms. The membership list …


To visit the Cricket Section’s dedicated website please click here   Adult cricketers interested in joining the cricket club can contact the first team captain Mark Kelly who will give you any information you need. Contact Mark by emailing Under 18 Junior cricketers – parents/guardians interested in their child playing cricket at Mossley Hill …

Crown Green Bowls

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Mossley Hill Football Club (est. 1924) provides opportunities for children and adults aged from six-years-old up to veterans, all enjoying their chosen sport. The club is an integeral part of the community with over three-hundred people involved and many volunteers all contributing to improving life for local people. The club has very recently introduced girls/ladies football. We have …


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To contact us: Please visit our site on Ste Finnegan: MHRUFC Group: Big Eddy: Rugby Facebook


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